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Sunday, July 28, 2019

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Posted by BIP on November 28, It's common knowledge that penetrations pipes, wires, ducts through a fire-rated wall must be properly firestopped, however the fact that electrical outlets must also be treated is often overlooked. In regards to fire-rated walls, electrical outlets and light switches must be treated with firestop materials. When installing electrical outlets and light switches in fire-rated walls, there are a few fire related regulations regarding the placement of these penetrations.
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3M™ Firestop Solutions

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Fire Stopping: What Every Contractor Needs to Know | Electrical Contractor Magazine

For approximately 40 years, unprotected or improperly protected penetrations have presented a subject of much concern to the fire-protection community. The arriving firefighters discovered several fires had broken out in five remote locations, filling many different areas of the building with smoke. According to the National Fire Protection Association's report on the fire, unprotected vertical and horizontal penetrations provided one of the major contributing causes of the rapid, erratic spread of smoke and fire. These openings allowed the smoke to spread beyond the electrical rooms and into occupied floors.
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Fire Stopping: What Every Contractor Needs to Know

AERCON systems such as interior and exterior walls, and floor and roof panels provide tremendous fire rated assemblies in all types of buildings. Single family and multifamily; townhouses; commercial, public and industrial buildings all benefit from the extraordinary fire ratings provided by AERCON products. A unique property of AERCON is that it contains water in crystalline form, which acts as a heat sink, absorbing heat and changing into steam. The following sections describe the numerous and diverse systems which can be used in fire rated applications to provide superb protection. Since these are solid elements with very simple connection details, the ease of construction helps to ensure a monolithic, highly fire resistant assembly.
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The provisions of this chapter shall govern the materials, systems and assemblies used for structural fire resistance and fire-resistance-rated construction separation of adjacent spaces to safeguard against the spread of fire and smoke within a building and the spread of fire to or from buildings. Fire assemblies that serve multiple purposes in a building shall comply with all of the requirements that are applicable for each of the individual fire assemblies. The following terms are defined in Chapter 2 :.
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